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About Word Communication International (WCI)

At WCI we take pride in helping international students, immigrants and US citizens achieve their goals and dreams. If you plan to attend School, College, University or want to start a career in the United States or want to be self employed, and need to evaluate your International education studied abroad, learn new knowledge or skills, we can help.  Word Communication International offers several solutions, products and services that can assist with foreign school credits, diplomas, language translation and international degree education credits that need to be evaluated and translated to the USA school credits equivalent.

Word Communication International has been helping people that studied abroad or outside of the United States for three decades.  WCI has the knowledge, services, and products so we meet and achieve our customers and clients goals and dreams.  Through our services and products Word Communication International knows we can help you get the required knowledge, documents and education needed to get you where you need to be.

This Word Communication International BLOG is here to inform you what we do, but more importantly help you through information, videos, services and educational products

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