Saving The World One Person At A Time

Saving The World One Person At A Time…

Saving The World One Person At A Time

Even if you do ambulance work on air, sea, land or otherwise, otherwise meaning, just wanting to help, you can enrich your life by saving the world one person at a time by intention. I will explain what I mean in that sentence through this whole article. Reality says things like “you cannot help everyone.” But, if you have good intentions that are combined with realistically idealistic thinking, you can ultimately help everyone through revolutionizing the idea of what help is. I think of Florence Nightingale in nursing along this line of the concept or any paramedic or nurse that genuinely got into their field to help people.

Think of this concept, then: You cannot help everyone, but everyone you do help, help to the fullest and best extent to health and happiness. Sure, you cannot always lead the horse to drink the water, but you can always do your personal best for your own and on your own.

So, think about this: A friend told me to do an article on air ambulance service, that was what this article was originally going to be, but, I wanted and needed to take it to another level of understanding, hence the concept of always do your best to help others and the reward will come after you genuinely help all that you can help without going overboard or getting silly about it. What I mean is, do not be “good” just for the sake of “good”, but do unto to others as you would have them do unto you to put it in the “Golden Rule” way because the rewards first come to your conscience in that, if you are helped in your hour of need as you helped another you are fully justified in your heart without a doubt in accepting it. What do you think the deeper meaning of the Boy Scout and Girl Scout saying “be prepared” is, anyway? What I mean is be prepared to give the help you need or want as well as receive it openly, so the flow of life is right on your part and on the part of who you help and get help from.

So, even if you do emergency work, or whatever you do, have the attitude that you will help or save one life at a time fully and succinctly and you will get somewhere with it, not just mere “something”, but a genuine somewhere. That may sound altruistic, but that it is not altruism, that is how life gives, takes and reciprocates always without exception. Sure, there may be seeming exceptions, but, as a warning, they are purely exceptions based on the purest of luck, not normal everyday reality that works as a law and principle. Indeed, do your best always and all else will be added.

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