Unlimited Minds – Just How Unlimited Are We Talking?

Unlimited Minds

Unlimited Minds - Just How Unlimited Are We Talking?

There are humans amongst us that look like us, but are far superior in intellectually. I am talking the 146+ IQ geniuses in our society. Consider if you will that Chimpanzees have about 60 IQ and the average human is 100. Well, the difference between a Chimpanzee and a regular human is the same as a regular human and a genius, see what I mean when I say human+? Okay now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk.

Not long ago, our think tank made contact with another of the human+ category who stated; “We live in a universe of unlimited possibilities and that we are only limited by our own thinking and beliefs,” and yes, I concur with a caveat of localized physics (relative) laws.

So, how can we help the 80-120 IQ humans get out of this stated rut or brain fog and unleash these unlimited possibilities just out of reach? First, I’d like to wake people up, turn them around and wind them back up, then let them go, as I people watch a lot and worry that folks are “just there” and I cannot for the life of me figure out why? Why bother living if you aren’t going to live your life – I guess is my question for them, but they’ll probably just look at me and go “dah” and not get it.

We have individual humans who are so far superior that it hardly makes sense to torment them to working in small groups with regular humans, still, we can accomplish a lot by working together by choice or by necessity, as long as groupthink, panel, or committee doesn’t have us working for the “Best Intentions Paving Company LLC” building the road to hell? Human history would suggest we check early and often as to where exactly we are going, otherwise any road with take us straight there!

Personally, I’ve almost all but given up on humans, and certainly, don’t want to be called one, it seems “Humanity” is an oxymoron considering how these beings operate and conduct themselves. I think one of the reasons I enjoy writing Science Fiction is because I enjoy the unlimited thinking process, thinking outside our own observations – enjoying though experiments that are out of this world, then sharing them with others to shake them out of their shell.

Indeed, I don’t mean to be cynical about the whole thing, for the most part this life-experience has been quite fine with me, no complaints. Nevertheless, what humans have developed; all we are and all we’ve built is a little underwhelming sometimes, and then miraculously innovative at other times. Still, they can do a lot better than this, so, although intrigued, not really so impressed.

Now then, let me turn to my reader, let me ask you a question: How do you think we can fix some of the challenges that have been over-identified and actually start to solve them? And, is it worth it, do humans deserve it, will they accept it, or will they destroy the gift? Should we practice on Chimpanzees first, they seem to also be a worthy species with some good attributes as well? Think on this.

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